Alice in Glitterland

Production Company
Geekenders Theatricals Inc., and The Playwrights Theatre Centre
Ryan Caron
Fairlith Harvey
Casting Director(s): 
Fairlith Harvey
Union Status
Project Type
Theatre / Live Performance
Student Production
Compensation Details


Audition Date(s)
March 29th 7pm 8pm 9pm, 30th, Callbacks April 6th
Audition Location
Renegade Studios
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
Sept 5th-15th 2019
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
The Wise Hall, Vancouver
Submission Deadline
Friday, March 29, 2019
Submission Instructions

Please submit your headshot and resume to with your first, second, and third time slot choices, as well as characters you are interested in and the subject line "GLITTERLAND: CASTING SUBMISSIONS".

Time slots of March 29th: 7pm, 8pm, 9pm
Time slots for March 30th: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

If you have performed with us before and feel we know your skill set well enough to judge whether you'd be suitable, please still indicate your interest in an email. Please come and audition if you can, though.

Project Synopsis
‘Alice in Glitterland’ is an immersive, dance-based theatre piece that loosely suggests a sixties-style Vegas/Moulin Rouge setting. Audience will wander, sandbox-style, through a lushly-imagined Wonderland built in East Vancouver’s WISE Hall, able to explore sets, read correspondence, watch a story told principally through movement — 1/3 of the show has dialogue, 2/3 is told through dance — and if they’re lucky, have one-on-one encounters with characters as they experience the familiar story in a new way. Exploring loving and loving with mental illness, and having wisdom thrust upon you before you’re ready, and what you make of yourself afterward, Alice in Glitterland thrusts the classic coming-of-age tale into a new context for 2019. None of the animal characters will be wearing animal costumes, but rather clothing that suggests an animal while keeping them looking human.
Additional Comments: 

We are looking for professional-level dancers and movers who act. There are two non-dance roles, for extremely strong improvisers. We welcome submissions from performers working at a professional level with disabilities or mobility limitations. This is a new work, and choreography will be designed to emphasize the abilities and strengths of the cast.

Geekenders are committed to representing our diverse community on stage, and are especially interested in meeting performers from underrepresented and traditionally marginalized communities and groups. We welcome submissions for all roles from performers of all ethnicities, body-types, and gender expressions.

Casting is gender and sexuality-blind (regardless of character pronouns) with the exception of the Mad Hatter (whose story is gender-specific).

Character 1
Any pronouns, depending on actor. Bill the Lizard. The lounge’s host. Greets people, interacts with them, and gives audience training. THIS IS NOT A DANCE ROLE; THIS IS AN IMPROV ROLE. Must be someone charming who is good at making people feel at ease, and chatting with them. Must be able to talk about Wonderland to adults, as an adult, without a wink, or a trace of irony.
Character 2
Any pronouns, depending on actor. A slightly anxious, befuddled guinea pig who assists Bill the Lizard in hosting activities in the lounge. Greets people, interacts with them, and gives audience training. THIS IS NOT A DANCE ROLE; THIS IS AN IMPROV ROLE. Must be someone charming who is good at making people feel at ease, and chatting with them. Must be able to talk about Wonderland to adults, as an adult, without a wink, or a trace of irony.
Character 3
She/Her/Hers. She is a young woman on the cusp of accepting adulthood, thrust into a strange situation that she tries to deal with, with as much grace as possible. There are places that are not safe for her, and though she might want to do ‘adult’ things and reckless things, she comes to the realization too late that she’s not ready to lose that innocence. She seeks seclusion and privacy to give herself space to make decisions, but she is consistently found, and her space invaded. She is so excited to try new things. She discovers her sexuality during the course of the show, and it does not align with what the Hatter wants. Fun, playful, adventurous.
Character 4
White Rabbit
He/him/his. Is in a co-dependent relationship with the Red Queen, while also acting as her servant. Playful, charming person with a nervous disposition. Has great tenderness and compassion. Refers to audience members as ‘Mary Ann’. Enjoys spending time with Alice, and never mistakes audience members for her. The red queen makes him feel secure that he will be loved, and he loves and protects her in return. He tries to keep her safe, but is unwilling to do that at the expense of his and others’ happiness, which sometimes causes problems.
Character 5
Cheshire Cat
He/him/his or they/them/theirs, depending on the actor and the decisions we make together. A powerful, controlling creature wrapped in a suave, charming exterior. Seductive, intense. He genuinely tries to help people, with the end goal of encouraging the party everyone is at to last eternally; if people are unhappy, they’ll leave, and he’s having a good time. He finds suffering funny as long as it doesn’t affect him, but he prefers to watch and pursue hedonism, and include others in that end. He is very sexually motivated. His dance relationship with himself is reminiscent of Gene Kelly’s style. Must have an intriguing smile.
Additional Characters

RED QUEEN - She/her/hers. Anxious and paranoid. She appears elegant and aristocratic, but only to mask her insecurity, doubt, and fear. Is in a co-dependent relationship with the Rabbit, who is compassionate to her. She is aware of her pathologies but isn’t able to shake them off. She is so afraid that she will be alone, that she drives people away. She’s very controlling of her environment, and hates being lied to. She wants to find people who can love her despite her problems; the rabbit is the only one who doesn’t find her frightening or funny. She has to learn to control her jealous/insecure moments. She almost destroys herself trying to be 'enough'.

WHITE QUEEN - She/her/hers. Pathologically nurturing. She feels she knows what’s best for everyone, even if they have their own opinions. She would rather see someone be sick and need her, than not need her at all. She wants to be the queen of Wonderland, and has passive-aggressive, controlling moments to rival her sister. She wants a White Rabbit of her own. Her witch’s familiar is the Cheshire Cat, but he does his own thing.

MAD HATTER - He/Him/His.The Hatter is every fully-grown man who thought a teenage girl was adult enough to save him and enrich his life with adventure, but who wasn’t mature enough to focus on her growth and safety. Infatuated with Alice, but afraid of her. Wants to protect her, but fails. Doesn’t tell her how he feels directly. He gets confused about who Alice is. He wants everyone just to get along, but his companions are too chaotic and are not true friends to him. Easily led. He likes being alone very much; he would enjoy being alone much more than the love he chases, if only he could ever really introspect. All the alone time, or time he shares with just one audience member, is holy to him. We are looking for a cisgender man of any sexuality or background to fill this role.

MARCH HARE - She/her/hers. Glamourous flapper kind of girl, carrying a jewelled rabbit mask. Delights in causing chaos. Jealous of the attention the Hatter pays to Alice. Tinkerbell-like, pouting and wanting her own way. Will do nefarious things to achieve those ends. Zelda Fitzgerald-esque. Chaotic, narcissistic, and likes it that way. Self-destructive, but aware of it. The walking embodiment of hairography. She lives what she thinks is her best life, using people the way she’s been used in the past, and turning the tables on those who want to hurt her. Wants to party, and will manipulate those around her to make that happen.

DORMOUSE - They/them/theirs. A shy, narcoleptic creature who tries not to sleep. They have night terrors and see terrible things when they’re sleeping. Asexual, and avoids sensuality. They fancy themself a poet, but when they dream they’re a vaudeville star. Does not like being preyed upon by the Cheshire cat, and can find no help or understanding from anyone. Hardens somewhat by the end of the show.

CATERPILLAR - They/them/theirs. Mystical creature who can see the future but doesn’t tell anyone the really important things in it. Delights in hedonism, and encourages other people to indulge as well. Happy to guide people without telling them what to do; they’re more powerful than they seem, and recognize what a big responsibility that is. They get high to forget about that.

WHITE ROSE/DRINK ME - She/her/hers. The white rose is socially anxious and sweet. Gets irreversibly changed too many times in the course of the show, and has to learn to look at herself and accept herself after all that change. Drink Me is a metaphor for first positive sexual experimentation.