The Balloon Girl

Production Company
Vancouver Film School
Ruben Scott, Peter Yu
Ruben Scott
Casting Director(s): 
Ruben Scott
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

An honorarium will be provided. We will also provide demo reel footage, IMDB credits and food.

Audition Date(s)
January 8, 2022 - January 21, 2022
Audition Location
Online self tapes and in person call backs
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
Jan 28, 2022
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Vancouver Film School
Submission Deadline
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Submission Instructions

Please email your headshot and demo reel to before midnight Jan 19th, 2022.

Project Synopsis
Every day Hailey gets off the school bus to be met by her mother sitting on a bench with a balloon. Her mother takes her lunchbox and passes Hailey the balloon. They walk off. One day Hailey arrives at the bench to just find the balloon, tied up with no sight of her mother. She unties the balloon and waits. And waits. She snacks, reads, lies on the bench. She falls asleep Until…She wakes to a big light falling on her. She looks up, at the light. She lets go of her balloon. The balloon drifts away. Extra Information: In Banksy's famous mural the little girl has let go of her balloon. The Balloon Girl will tell a simple story of a lost parent. But it ends in hope. This film will be shot and submitted to festivals in the public service category to raise awareness of child abandonment. UNICEF reports mean that every minute, every day, all around the world, even in wealthy nations, children are being abandoned by their parents. It can lead to damaged educations, destroyed self-esteem, poverty and the horrors of child-trafficking.
Additional Information & Safety Protocols: 

A minor coordinator will be present to ensure the proper protocols are followed when working with minor actors. We will follow the proper Covid safety protocols to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

Character 1
Hailey is an 8 year-old girl, an only child, with an unbreakable bond with her mother. She is an only child and looks to her mother, her only parent, for love and care, for inspiration and fun. She gets all of her energy from her, too. She loves the solid and reliable force her mother brings to her life. From her mother she has gained a quiet strength. Hailey is the kind of girl who doesn’t question, always trusts, always believes. If Hailey’s had a bad day, her mum is there for her. Hailey loves every minute she spends with her mother.
Character 2
Hailey's Mother
A mid-thirties single mother who takes seriously her job as Hailey’s only parent. She is reliable, resilient and caring mother, who has Hailey as her number one priority. She just wants to spend every minute with her daughter who makes her laugh and appreciate life. The father left Hailey and her mother, indirectly creating a stronger mother daughter relationship.