Black Swan

Production Company
Vetito Media Collective
Casting Director(s): 
Jack Bradley, Charles Desgagne
Union Status
Project Type
Music Video
Student Production
Compensation Details

Volunteer project. Meals provided.

Audition Date(s)
September 28
Audition Location
No audition
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
October 17-20, 24-25
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
Duncan (Vancouver Island) AND North Vancouver
Submission Deadline
Monday, September 28, 2020
Submission Instructions

Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll schedule a Zoom meetup.
Feel free to provide a resume or portfolio if you have one (not required).

Project Synopsis
A dark, fantastical introspection into the shattered identity of a man suffering from heartbreak. "Black Swan" weaves together three interconnected music videos to tell a story disconnected from time and, seemingly, reality.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

Masks and sanitizer required. We will be doing our best to social distance during production. It is important that cast and crew are not just keeping safe, but feeling safe.

Character 1
The Crow(s)
Early 20s
Silent, manic hooligans; grounded but supernatural demons that can switch between mischievous and collected. MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH FACE PAINT: mime makeup like a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Crows will appear as major recurring characters in three music videos.