Production Company
Aya Kameda
Aya Kameda
Casting Director(s): 
Aya Kameda
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

This is a volunteer project

Audition Date(s)
November 30th
Audition Location
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
During Dec 10th to Dec 31th
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
Must be changed for each scene but it is in Vancouver city
Submission Deadline
Monday, November 30, 2020
Submission Instructions

Please email me with your information such as your name, age, address, profile picture and anything you want to tell me. If you have demo reel video of your acting, please attach it. This is a small production which using a DSLR for filming. This film is going to be submitted for an independent film festival in Japan and online video, so I need your permission to accept the request. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. - [email protected]

Project Synopsis
A woman who has moved into a new house in canada gradually feels strange and frightened by existence of something and her hidden past is revealed. A woman who aim to be an architect comes to vancouver and starts living by herself. She finds a house which the owner lives at the basement, and she will use the upstair of the house. The house is a huge than she expected, but no housemates dispite the fact that there are many rooms. She meets her owner of the house and chats with her sometimes, but she gets feel lonely and begins to talk with her twin brother in japan on phone. Then, she gradually starts having hallucinations and nightmare of a creature, and she becomes aware of something else in the house. At the same time, she gets along with a person who she can be naturally talk. And, she talks about her problems of hallucinations or nightmare she holds with the person. The person gives boxed Christmas gift for her. The boxed presents reminds her of her memory of past. Then, she realizes that her twin brother had already passed away last winter because of illness, and her hallucinations was herself from a darkness of her mind for the reason. After that, she finally decides to walk forward without being bound by the past.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

Wear your mask when we are in production except a time of shooting.

Character 1
He is a smart, gentle guy and his major at a university is architecture course. He meets his friend, Kaede who has a dark past. He doesn't know about Kaede so much, also her past and what's happened to her. They are just getting along gradually because they are in the same department of his university, and work together for an assignment of group project.