Bound! The Musical

Production Company
Bound Musical Theatre Society
Wayne Morris, Glen Freedman
Hailey Fowler
Casting Director(s): 
Wayne Morris, Glen Freedman, Hailey Fowler
Union Status
Project Type
Theatre / Live Performance
Student Production
Compensation Details

Each actor cast will be compensated with a one-time honorarium payment of $300 for all contributions towards the In Concert performance.

Audition Date(s)
August 10, 11, 14, 16
Audition Location
Green Thumb Studios, Vancouver, BC
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
November 19-20
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Metro Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Submission Deadline
Sunday, July 21, 2024
Submission Instructions

All interested performers must submit for an audition. Auditionees will be selected based on their fit for the show based on their submission.

We encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. All auditionees must be at least 18 years of age.

Submissions should be addressed to Wayne Morris and sent by e-mail to and MUST include:
- Contact information (name, e-mail, cell no, pronouns)
- Union status
- Are you represented? (If yes, please provide agency name, agent name, e-mail address, tel. no)
- Role(s) you are submitting for
- Are you able to attend callbacks on either Aug 24 or 25?
- Are you fully available Mon Nov 18 (day and evening), Tue Nov 19 (evening) and Wed Nov 20 (evening)?
- Resume
- Head shot
- Minimum of two samples of your vocal (singing) capabilities: performance reel preferred; video or audio recordings are acceptable

Project Synopsis
Bound Musical Theatre Society will be holding auditions for In Concert performances of Bound! The Musical. The In Concert performances will have songs memorized and scenes on book, with limited choreography, simple costumes and props, lighting, but no sets. The performances will be November 19-20 at Metro Theatre in Vancouver. Bound! is an uplifting comedy musical featuring fresh and catchy pop-rock style songs and an ensemble cast of 10 relatable, well-developed, and diverse characters, in their early-mid 20s. After their small-town transforms into a new country, and all the dominoes fall, can they conquer both external chaos and their inner demons through courage, love, and personal transformation? Of course!
Additional Information & Safety Protocols: 

More details at

- 3 rehearsals per week (12 hours per week) over approx. 8 weeks: Mid-Sept to Mid-Nov, 2024
- Tech Rehearsal (mandatory): Mon Nov 18 (day & evening)
- Performances: Tue Nov 19-Wed Nov 20

- Each audition will take approx. 10-15 minutes. Callbacks will be Aug 24-25.
- Please note that we will be video recording portions of auditions and callbacks for audition review purposes ONLY.
- If you are unavailable for the auditions, but wish to be seen, you may request a self-tape audition within your submission.
- If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Character 1
Early-mid 20s
Any ethnicity. Baritone. Captain of the track-and-field team – The “Wishful Leader” with imposter syndrome: caring; indecisive… until he is pushed to the brink. More detailed character description available at --
Character 2
Early-mid 20s
Any ethnicity. Soprano. PHD-educated, head of research team – The “Determined Leader” with blind spots: goal-oriented; perfectionistic; detached… until love catches her unaware. More detailed character description available at --
Character 3
Early-mid 20s
Any ethnicity. Baritone. Star of track-and-field team – The “Confident Charmer” with stars in his eyes: a self-absorbed hotshot … until he opens up to the strength of others. More detailed character description available at --
Character 4
Early-mid 20s
Any ethnicity. Alto. PHD-educated, most gifted member of research team – The “Passionate Influencer” with a penchant for mischief: sensual; overly self-reliant… until she allows herself to surrender. More detailed character description available at --
Character 5
Early-mid 20s
Any ethnicity. Baritone or Tenor. Reluctant member of track-and-field team – The “Anxious Loyalist” with quiet determination: Overtly insecure… until he discovers the strength he always had. More detailed character description available at --
Additional Characters

- EMILY (female, early-mid 20s, any ethnicity, soprano) PHD-educated, hardest worker on the research team -- The “Brainy Underdog” with an awkward disposition: reactive; uses intellectualization to repress her desires… until she opens her eyes to new horizons.
- DUSTIN (male, early-mid 20s, any ethnicity, baritone) Casual member of track-and-field team – The “Compulsive Joker” with an innate sense of decency: uses humor to hide from his burden… until he discovers and accepts his repressed sexual identity.
- ALEX (female and disguises as a male, early 20s, any ethnicity, mezzo-soprano) Research assistant – The “Loyal Assistant” with mysterious clairvoyance: energetic; undervalues herself… until she discovers her inner power.
- ANTONIO (male, late 20s, any ethnicity (pretends to be Italian), baritone) Manager of the athletic team – The “Ego-driven Puppeteer” with an over-bearing mother: blinded by narcissism... until love helps him see the value of another.
- JASMINE (female, early-mid 20s, any ethnicity, mezzo-soprano) Bakery worker – The “Caring Wallflower” with a keen sense of perception: vulnerable and stuck… until she harnesses her inner courage.

Please see more detailed character descriptions, available at --

We will also be looking for a performing understudy for all roles. The understudy will read selected stage directions and perform minor roles in the show.