Commanders of Valor

Production Company
Moonlit Sky Games
Daniel Barozzini
Daniel Barozzini
Casting Director(s): 
Abel Barozzini - Daniel Barozzini
Union Status
Project Type
Voice Over
Student Production
Compensation Details

$0.20 CAD per word

Audition Date(s)
December 1 - 15, 2019
Audition Location
Submission Deadline
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Submission Instructions

Please send your submissions to by December 15,2019. You could submit either for the Roman role or the Greek role. Please specify in the title of your Email. Each submission can contain up to four files.

First two files are the role of a historian, narrating life story of a historic character in English. "It is during these dark moments that heros are forged, convictions are tempered, and strong stand out from the rest." having a Latin or Greek accent is great asset .

Second two files are the role of an army commander issuing a military order: "Phalanx formation" in Greek accent or language or "Form Testudo" in Latin accent or language.

Project Synopsis
It is Several dozen years before common era. Greek dominion over the world is at its end. Rome's power is on the rise and a new great Persian empire is in the making. The war between the two powers is about to begin.
Additional Comments: 

"Commanders of Valor" is a historic video game project set in the last centuries before common era. There are three armies and three rosters of historically accurate units. Each unit has its own unique special ability. We are looking for Greek or Latin speakers who can play the role of an army commander and issue military orders on the battlefield.

We are also looking for a narrator for the single player campaign. You will be playing the role of a historian telling the story of famous historic characters. All narrations are in English, however having a unique, Greek or Latin accent is considered an asset.

Character 1
Military Commander
You are a commander on the battlefield two hundred years before common era. Shouting military commands to your subordinates to save lives and win battles is what you do.
Character 2
You are a scholar, recording history as you see it and narrating it to your listeners in English.