Days Like Today

Production Company
Arielle Szpiro Productions
Arielle Szpiro (& TBD)
Arielle Szpiro
Casting Director(s): 
Arielle Szpiro (TBD)
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
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Audition Date(s)
July 14 - July 19
Audition Location
Vancouver Film School (TBD)
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
July 31 - August 1
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Submission Deadline
Sunday, July 14, 2024
Submission Instructions

If you connect with the story and the characters, please e-mail Arielle at to request sides. Thank you very much - we look forward to hearing from you!

Project Synopsis
Set in 1970, Days Like Today follows Nicki, a panic-attack prone teenager who, after the death of his best friend and older brother, Dennis, must learn how to navigate his emotions alone with the help of the music his brother left behind for him. Before leaving for his first year at Juilliard, Dennis advises his anxious little brother, Nicki, to seek comfort in his music while he is away. Claiming it to be his soul, Dennis shows Nicki his sacred record, and reassures him that the spirit within it will manifest his own whenever Nicki needs him most. Months later, Dennis tragically dies while away at college, leaving Nicki alone to navigate his feelings, and tense home life. In need of his big brother, he must believe in the spiritual, connective power of music to reunite with him in soul.
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Character 1
A gentle, anxious 16 year-old boy who suffers from panic attacks. He's insecure, the jerks at school bully him, and he hasn't had his first kiss yet. On top of that, his parents and especially his dad, Robert (45) doesn't understand him or his vulnerability, and gives him a hard time. His cool and wise older brother, Dennis (19), is his best friend and protector. He's the only one who understands him. When Nicki is forced to face his emotions alone for the first time after losing Dennis, he will experience the spiritual, healing power of channelling his big brother's love and guidance.
Character 2
Smart, confidant and kind, Dennis is valedictorian, a star musician, future Juilliard student, and dates the prettiest girl in school. Nothing fazes him. He is Nicki's best friend and protector. He understand his little brother more than he understands himself, and guides him through his panic attacks, which he used to suffer from as well. Once gone, Dennis will reappear in spirit, and ease Nicki through his grief using the music he left behind for his little brother.
Character 3
Cold, emotionally repressed, and unable to express his feelings to Nicki, demanding his son to man up when he expresses his grief. To Robert, Dennis was a success, and Nicki must rise to the occasion despite his anxiety and heartbreak; no room for weakness anymore. Despite a tough exterior, Robert experiences just as much grief as Nicki, but struggles to connect with him.