Domestic Bliss

Production Company
InFocus Film School
Levi Plessis
Casting Director(s): 
Levi Plessis
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

Volunteer/Demo reel material

Audition or Submission Review Date(s)
Self Tape by June 19th, 2021
Audition Location
Online only
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
June 28th, 2021
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
GVA-House (TBD)
Submission Deadline
Saturday, June 19, 2021
Submission Instructions

Please email filmmaker your resume, headshot and reel (if available) -

Project Synopsis
A dark satire about a young couple, Giles and Lillian, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary together with dinner and wine at home. What starts as a cordial (non-romantic) evening becomes increasingly more aggressive as the weight of “grander romantic” expectations of a landmark anniversary force Giles and Lillian’s unaddressed issues they have with one another to emerge through dinner small talk.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

A COVID-19 plan enforcing provincial and national safety protocols will be in effect.

Character 1
Giles is a well-intentioned, but self-centered and pretentious man who has been in a relationship with Lillian for a decade. He is insecure about Lillian being the breadwinner of the relationship, a feeling which has helped manifest his unspoken feelings of jealousy and contempt towards her. These feelings cause him to devolve throughout the story from his usual manner of conflict resolution of being dismissive and passive-aggressive into condescending and aggressive as Lillian hits on points that harm his pride. He has select daydreams of hurting Lillian and eventually crosses the line into real physical harm.
Character 2
Lillian is a caring and industrious, but short-tempered woman who has been in a relationship with Giles for a decade. She feels a heavy weight and responsibility being the breadwinner of the relationship as she feels she needs to finally travel and see the world during her “prime years”, but having to financially compensate for Giles makes it impossible, cultivating unspoken feelings of frustration and loathing towards him. These feelings cause her to descend throughout the story from her usual demeanor of conflict resolution of “biting her tongue” and repressing her temper into sassy insults and snappy responses as Giles berates her and complains endlessly about his situation, adding further emotional weight to the amount she already carries. This is shown by her having occasional daydreams of hurting Giles and inevitably crossing the line into real physical harm.