Forget Me Not

Production Company
Capilano University
Chris Jenkins
Wanjana Raine
Casting Director(s): 
Michael Wright
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

A copy of the film, lunch and delicious healthy food to munch on while on set! And of course gain experience with up coming filmmakers! Networking and a swell time on set!

Audition Date(s)
February - Saturday the 23rd, Sunday the 24th
Audition Location
Capilano University Bosa Centre
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
March 8-11th
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
Submission Deadline
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Submission Instructions

Please email submission to

Project Synopsis
Nikkie a business major at a young age was forced out of her magical and small life on her gulf island West Coast of British Columbia. In order to assimilate to societies standards she changed her birth name "Phoenix" leaving her childhood past behind. However, when her younger self begins to visit her dreams, leaving being strange and abstract messages, Nikki has no choice but to confront her past and accept where she comes from.
Additional Comments: 

Any other inquiries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I will get back to you as quick as I can.

Character 1
Nikki grew up on a gulf island, moving away from her home at a young age, forcing her to let go of her freedom and magic her childhood, giving her a more realistic, resourceful and persevering mindset in order to survive her new urban home. Nikki was bullied relentless for her strange name and her fear of standing out in a crowd for being different, all of this causing her to abandon all ties to her name and heritage. Her parents free living and lack of structure had lead her to grow up to use money and success as a barometer of stability. She is concerned of the future and constantly fears of not fitting into society. However these fears of looking back are challenged when her pieces of her childhood manifests through her dreams. And she cannot ignore them any longer.
Character 2
Little Phoenix
Little Phoenix is Nikki's inner child and represents the lost and forgotten part of her life. Her optimism, enthusiasm, imagination and hope. She is wise despite her age and her desire to guide Nikki towards her destiny so they both can reunite and be truly happy. Little Phoenix is all that Nikki denies in herself and embodies that Nikki needs in her life.
Character 3
Syd is Nikki's classmate . She is extremely driven person who puts her future before anything else and doesn't and understand those who share her philosophies. She is analytical and has a logical thought process that doesn't leave much room for the unknown. Her pessimism about life and it's narrow structures can sometimes leave her curt or harsh. In he mind she's doing people a favour for being honest and solid values. Syd represents Nikki's desires to be a part of a mainstream society and be successful in a corporate world.
Character 4
Raeen grew up with Nikki on the isalnd and known each other since they were two years old. Raeen is proud of who she is and is one of the few children who stayed behind on the island instead of pursuing a major in university. Because of her life choice, this made the other kids judge her for her life style as opposed Raeen trying to fit into a mainstream society. Despite the judgements from the outside world she is a very caring, intuitive person who values the importance of Nature and connectedness. Raeen represents Nikki's need to return home to reclaim her true identity.