Garbage Man

Production Company
Minju Lee
Mansour Bani
Casting Director(s): 
Sophie Sihoe
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

$50 per shoot day for Atif and Atif’s mom / No Monetary compensation for the rest roles, but provide food, Credit and Demo Reel Footage.

Audition Date(s)
January 24, 2022
Audition Location
BCIT SE 10 broadcast building Studio 2
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
between january 25 till February 22
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
BCIT burnaby campus
Submission Deadline
Sunday, January 23, 2022
Submission Instructions

please submit a resume and demo reel to

Project Synopsis
Garbage Man is a short film/narrative based on a 10-year old boy named Atif and a 45-year old, homeless, dumpster diver. The boy lives in social housing with his single mother, struggling to make ends meet. Atif helps take out the trash every morning on his way to school. This is where he meets a homeless man, dumpster diving. Atif dreams of playing soccer professionally one day but his mother can’t even afford to buy him a soccer ball. The homeless man tells Atif that he makes money recycling cans and bottles. This intrigues Atif as an opportunity to buy himself a soccer ball but his Mother finds out about the two conversing and things get complicated.
Additional Information & Safety Protocols: 

COVID-19 Safety Plan will be in place.

Character 1
Alex (The School Bully)
Alex is the school bully who brings his/her own soccer ball to school every day. He/she chooses who gets to play soccer with her soccer ball. Alex will have one or two lines in this short film and it will be to antagonize Atif the main character to feel poorly about not being able to play soccer and not having a soccer ball of his own.
Character 2
In Arabic Atif means “compassionate or sympathetic”. These traits play into the theme of the film. Atif is a 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother in poverty-stricken single parent household located in a rough neighborhood where there is lots of gang violence, drug related crimes and homelessness. Atif is ultra-generous, very motivated and mature for a young boy his age. Due to his upbringing, he was forced to grow up much quicker than most 10-year-old boys. He is a skilled soccer player for his age and is able to juggle a soccer ball. He uses a lot of slang English for his age and is quite smart. Atif lies quite often but in an innocent manner. Atif is a person of colour, who dreams of playing soccer professionally and is either middle eastern decent or South Asian.
Character 3
Atif’s Mom
Atif’s Mother is a young immigrant mom who came to Canada at the age of 18 years old. She has no high school diploma or education. She speaks broken English but is fluent in her first language which could originate from any middle-eastern or South Asian country where she is originally from (person of colour). When she speaks to Atif she commonly switches back and forth with her first language and broken English. Atif’s Mom works hard to try to pay the bills and make ends meet. However, due to being a single-mother with no education it has been a struggle. She is quite strict in most cases but also doesn’t have the time to be watching over her child often. She has a lot of distrust in most people due to her upbringing back in her home country.
Character 4
Recycling Depot Staff Member (Staff)
The staff member at the recycling depot will have one line directed at Atif. He/she will let Atif know that he needs to bring way more cans to earn more money. This character should preferably be played by an immigrant.
Character 5
Neighbor Father
The neighbor Father role in this film is to highlight the fact that Atif is without a Dad of his own. He will witness this Father passing a soccer ball back and forth with his son.
Additional Characters

Neighbor Son
Age: 5-15 years old
Gender: Male
Character Description: The neighbor son role in this film is to make Atif jealous of the fact that this boy has a soccer ball and a father around to play with. This character will be playing soccer with his Dad in one scene and appear in another scene passing the ball to himself off a wall.