It's You & It's Me

Production Company
Fehr Bargen Productions
Clint Bargen
Mathew Bittroff
Casting Director(s): 
Clint Bargen
Union Status
Union (TBC)
Project Type
Online / Web Series
Student Production
Compensation Details

No pay.

Audition Location
Burnaby, BC
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
Oct 19th & 20th, 2024
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
West Vancouver, BC
Submission Deadline
Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Submission Instructions

If interested, please submit a resume, headshot, and demo reel to Selected actors will be invited to self tape and from there, callbacks will be held on August 6th in Burnaby, BC.

Project Synopsis
"It's You & It's Me" is a comedic and heartfelt short film that follows Nick, a writer struggling to complete his first book amidst the chaos of family life. Nick is granted a brief reprieve when his family leaves for a few days as he battles distractions from his young children and well-meaning wife. However, his solitude is abruptly shattered by the arrival of Young Nick—a younger, carefree version of himself—who encourages him to abandon his writing and indulge in nostalgic escapades. The ensuing clash between Nick’s current responsibilities and his youthful whims sets the stage for a humorous exploration of self-discovery and personal growth. Through a series of comical and poignant interactions, Nick grapples with his past aspirations and the realities of his present. Young Nick’s playful disregard for deadlines and fascination with past hobbies, like video games, forces Nick to confront the balance between work and leisure. As Nick rediscovers his passion and discipline for writing, he learns to appreciate his journey from youthful dreams to fulfilling his responsibilities as a family man and writer. "It's You & It's Me" captures the essence of reconciling one's past with the demands of the present, ultimately celebrating the joy of personal evolution and the importance of staying true to one’s goals.
Character 1
Nick is a dedicated writer in his late 30s, struggling to balance his creative aspirations with the demands of family life. Driven yet often overwhelmed, he is torn between his current responsibilities and the carefree passion of his younger days. His character reflects a blend of frustration and determination, embodying the challenges of adulthood and the pressure of meeting his own high expectations. This script is predominantly a two-hander between Nick & Young Nick. Looking for an actor who has comedy chops, can keep the pacing up, and carries scenes.
Character 2
25 - 40
Leah is Nick's supportive and understanding wife, balancing her own life while managing the household and caring for their two young children. In her early 30s, she is nurturing, pragmatic, and patient, often acting as a grounding force for Nick amidst his creative and emotional struggles. Leah’s character showcases the dynamics of partnership and the importance of support in achieving one’s dreams. Please note, this is a small but pivotal role. Two scenes.
Character 3
Young Nick
Young Nick is the embodiment of Nick's youthful, spirited self, full of enthusiasm and a playful disregard for responsibility. In his mid-20s, he is impulsive, carefree, and nostalgic, bringing a stark contrast to the more disciplined and focused current Nick. Young Nick’s character serves as a catalyst for Nick’s introspection, forcing him to reflect on how far he’s come and the dreams he once had. This script is predominantly a two-hander between Nick & Young Nick. Looking for an actor who has comedy chops, can keep the pacing up, and carries scenes.