Project: Dementia

Production Company
Shining Light Studios
Taylor Hildebrand
Casting Director(s): 
Taylor Hildebrand
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

Each role will have different compensation depending on how much time is required on set and size of role.

Audition or Submission Review Date(s)
May 12th
Audition Location
Online Only
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
May 16th
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
Lower Mainland, Location yet to be determined
Submission Deadline
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Submission Instructions

Please send all information (Name, contact info, which character you are interested in, acting experience, if you have any experience with someone with Dementia, resume, demo reel) in one email to: [email protected]

The production is requesting a demo reel and resume. A link to a social media page is appreciated but not required.

Production will then reach out to those they would like a self tape from, a script side will be emailed.

The role will be chosen from those who send in a self tape and are available for a table read and the shooting date.

Project Synopsis
Herb is a young, 35, man enjoying his morning at a cafe, flirting with the waitress and preparing for a meeting, But things take a turn when we discover he can’t leave the cafe. Along with the waitress actually being a nurse, because in reality; Herb is a 85 year old man with dementia living at a nursing home. This short Film will take the audience through the terrifying perspective of what it’s like to have dementia and how heartbreaking the disease can be for the loved ones around them.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

We have a COVID-19 safety plan to comply with provincial and regional protocols.

Character 1
Herb has dementia, he can be played by a younger actor in there 60s-70s to be aged up. This side of Herb is the real one. A man who is scared and frustrated with his situation, but can’t understand what’s actually going on around him.
Character 2
Carol, Herbs Daughter
Carol arrives to the Nursing Home to find her Dad has had several panic attacks that day and isn’t doing well. She is a energetic and loving woman who is heart broken at her dads condition. She learns just how severe Herbs mental state is, and how her life has changed.
Character 3
Ashley, Head Care Giver
Late 30s
Ashley has been working at the care Center for a decade and knows how to handle the kind of attack Herb is in. She is loving to everyone and strives to make his living situation the best it can be. She is understanding and compassionate.