Production Company
Many Worlds Films Inc.
Gerrit Van Woudenberg
Casting Director(s): 
Gerrit Van Woudenberg
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

Will pay equivalent to union rates - $63.78 / hour for voice work.

Audition or Submission Review Date(s)
May 15, 2012
Audition Location
Digital submission. Cast will be selected based off submitted materials.
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
May 2021
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
At performer's home studio / At Lions Head Pro sound studio in Vancouver
Submission Deadline
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Submission Instructions

Please send submissions to [email protected] - no unsolicited contact.

Please include a demo reel of your voice work / live action work with voice. Shortlisted applicants will be sent sides and will be requested to send an audition recording or participate in an online audition.

In your cover letter, note your recording capabilities – including hardware, microphones and description of your setup.

If you are submitting for Genevieve's Mom, you will be expected to have a suitable home audio recording setup to capture this audio yourself.

If you are submitting for Eastern European Professor, unless you have a professional home audio recording studio, recording will take place a Lions Head Pro studios in Vancouver, B.C. with a skeleton crew (Director, Engineer, Yourself) and following Covid protocols.

Project Synopsis
A lone quantum physicist searches for the key to understanding our universe.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

Covid-19 safety protocols will be in place. If the technical requirements are met, recording will take place remotely at the talent's home audio recording studio. Otherwise recording will take place at the studio of our sound team following all Covid safety protocols.

Character 1
Genevieve's Mom
VOICE ONLY A kind motherly type to the female lead. You are only in the film for one scene, on the other end of the phone. Accent can be anywhere in the range of American urbanite to British.
Character 2
Eastern European Professor
VOICE ONLY A narrator who explains the quantum experiment at the heart of the film. Heavy accent, any dialect from Eastern Europe. Should have gravitas and intelligence, an old physics professor, also potentially something digital, like you could be a computer program...