Production Company
rice&beans in partnership with FOLDA
Alyssa Kostello
Anthony Lee
Casting Director(s): 
Anthony Lee and Alyssa Kostello
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details


Shoot / Performance Date(s)
June 8-13
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Deer Lake
Submission Deadline
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Submission Instructions

Please submit your resume, headshot, and demo reel (if you have one) to with the subject line: “[Your Name] - Selfie Audition” by Feb 2, 2022. Selected individuals will be contacted to send in a self-tape. There will be in person callbacks on Feb 17

Project Synopsis
A long and mutual unspoken crush between Emma and Chris soon turns south after a party, leaving Lily, Chris’s sister, to mediate between the two. Three best friends struggle to navigate through the repercussion of a sexual assault on the verge of shattering their friendship while dealing with social media pressures.
Additional Information & Safety Protocols: 

This play will be adapted digitally for the first time. The play will be told through computer screenings using different digital platforms such as facetime, text and camera lives streams. The project is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

We will be working with an Intimacy Coordinator and will have COVID safety protocols in place.

Rehearsal Dates (In-person): May 16-27 (weekdays) Tech May 30-June 5(off 6&7)
Notes: Dates are subjected to changes within this same time frame. Film experience is an asset.
Interest in livestream/digital theatre and social media is an asset.

Character 1
Visible Minority. Thoughtful, intuitive and grounded. With her return from a summer trip to Paris, Emma has built up the confidence to confess her feelings to Chris at a party. She doesn’t recall what happens after that, complicating their relationship. Emma consults Lily, her best friend, for help but later realizes that Lily is standing up for her brother. Emma has to find out what happened and confront Chris and Lily, or else no one will ever believe her story.