Straighten Up: Ray Battles Depression

Production Company
Vancouver Film School
Aden Aziz
Youssef Berto
Casting Director(s): 
Aden Aziz & Youssef Berto
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

$10/day for 3 days for Ray
$10/day for 2 days for Jake, and Lola
$10/day for 1 day for Brie, Dr. Churchill, Tiffany, Maddy, and Kaylah

Audition or Submission Review Date(s)
May 10-20
Audition Location
Online Only (Zoom)
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
June 4th-6th
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
GEC Viva (1311 Howe Street) VFS Writing Campus (198 W Hasting Street) VFS Cafe (390 W Hastings Street)
Submission Deadline
Thursday, May 20, 2021
Submission Instructions

Please send headshot, resume, and demo reel to [email protected]

Project Synopsis
Ray is a 24 year old stoner is living a regular care free life until he has his world ripped apart when his now ex girlfriend rejects his proposal which end him spiralling into a deep depression. He’s now spending his days eating terribly, not getting dressed, and substituting axe body spray for showering. While watching a basketball game with his best friend and roommate Troy, a pop up ad for a cam girl comes on the tv causing Ray to take notice and watch it since to him there’s no point in doing anything anymore. Ray and Jake are watching the pop up until Jake’s frustration with Ray boils over and he leaves Ray be when Jake’s girlfriend Lola walks in causing Jake to vent with her because if Ray can’t be normal he can’t be his friend or his best man. Lola confronts Ray to ask him why he’s like this and Ray gives her his story. He delivers a stirring story about how the breakup went down, and Lola suggests that Ray does some things to help him get better like therapy. Ray goes to meet with a therapist named Dr. Churchill. As Ray tells him what’s been going on the timer for the end of the session yes off. Dr. Churchill goes through the motions telling Jake to book his next appointment and how much he owes him. The next thing Ray tries is dating. Lola sets him up with three of her friends, and Ray doesn’t call a single one back. Lola talks to Ray and is frustrated with how he’s acting and how he treated her fiends and leaves. In this time for reflection when Ray’s left alone he goes upstairs walks past the pile of garbage in his room and finally takes a look in the mirror. The next day Ray’s room is cleaner and so is he. Garbage is gone, laundry’s been done, and he’s showered. He goes downstairs puts some coins in the vending machine and to his surprise he gets two sodas. He goes outside gives them to Jake and Lola, and with his acceptance of being Jake’s best man is ready to get them married and get his life back on track.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

We will have a COVID officer on set to ensure that all Covid protocols according to our plan are being followed, and we will be preparing a COVID safety plan following all the up to date guidelines and protocols.

Character 1
Ray is a stoner that's out of happiness and out of hope. Through all his attempts initiated by Lola to help Ray he seems to keep falling into harder times.
Character 2
Jake is Ray’s roommate and best friend. All he wants is to help Ray because he won’t help himself so he can get his friend back, but he’s been frustrated with Ray’s lack of attempts to help himself which puts strain on their relationship causing Jake to Strat losing hope in his friend.
Character 3
Lola is Jake’s girlfriend who wants Ray to get better so Jake can stop looking after him and they can have a normal relationship, and after hearing his story she wants to help him so Ray and Jake can be friends again as well.
Character 4
Brie is Ray’s ex who rejects his proposal because, she wants something new and different. With someone else.
Character 5
Dr. Churchill
Dr. Churchill is a therapist that Ray goes to see. He’s just going through the motions of the session he listens, writes notes, but doesn’t really take anything Ray’s saying to heart.
Additional Characters

Tiffany (19-30) Tiffany is a mother of two, loves to bake, and is a friend of Lola that goes out on a date with Ray.

Maddy (19-30) Maddy is a student finishing her PHD in molecular chemistry and a friend of Lola who goes out with Ray.

Kaylah (19-30) Kaylah is a marathon runner and a friend of Lola that goes on a date with Ray.