Sucks to Be Me

Production Company
Vancouver Film School
Joshua Solman
Amanda McConnell
Casting Director(s): 
Joshua Solman
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

This is a volunteer project. Food provided, IMDB credit, and Demo Reel footage.

Audition Date(s)
Self-Tapes due by January 23rd @ 10pm
Audition Location
Self-Tape (zoom callbacks)
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
Saturday, February 12th - Sunday, February 13th, 2022
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Vancouver, BC
Submission Deadline
Sunday, January 23, 2022
Submission Instructions

Please send your headshot, resume, and demo reel to A follow-up email will be provided with self-tape instructions.

Project Synopsis
TW: This script mentions topics of depression and suicide. This drama-infused dark comedy follows Lazarus, a suicidal vampire, who has been living in isolation for decades. A knock on his door introduces him to Aelia, a vibrant, scatter-brained campaigner, who enters Laz’s life through sheer determination (and a little brute force). Though the unexpected company starts off as quite the bother, Laz grows to understand and appreciate Aelia, and in turn, the virtue of the human psyche.
Additional Information & Safety Protocols: 

COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Mask and face shields are always required for the crew on set. Actors are asked to wear their masks at all times except for when rolling.

Character 1
Lazarus (Laz)
This 200-something-year-old 20-something-year-old vampire is an old soul, who’s inability to let go of anything from the past has led him to become a slob. He is obviously worn down by the repetitive nature of his existence, but deep down is holding onto life in hopes of finding a greater purpose. TW: This character has implied suicidal tendencies, following traditional vampiric methods (sunlight, garlic, stakes, etc.) - there are NO implications of humane suicide or self-harm.
Character 2
Early-Mid 20s
Aelia is a spirited volunteer worker for her local hospital, who is very much in tune with her childlike attitude. A large part of this is because she never got the chance to grow up, what with being stuck in the hospital for most of her childhood due to her necrotizing vasculitis. Where she lacks in maturity for manners, she more than compensates for with her insightful viewpoints on existence, purpose, and self-worth.