Production Company
Jacob Gervais Miguel
Casting Director(s): 
Jacob Gervais Miguel
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

Due to the fact that this is a student project. The only compensation will be a credit in the film.

Audition Date(s)
Final date January 26 2021
Audition Location
Online Only
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
February 4 2020
Submission Deadline
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Submission Instructions

Contact Jacob Gervais Miguel - [email protected]

Project Synopsis
Two teenagers planning to shoot up their high school.
Additional Comments & Safety Protocol: 

Cast and crew are required to frequently wash their hands with soap and water.
● When in the office or on set, everyone must aim to maintain a 6-foot (2-metres) distance from other cast/crew members.
● Producers must provide the following to their set:
○ Disposable disinfecting wipes
○ Masks
○ Gloves
○ Sanitiser
○ Plenty of soap and water
● Commonly used surfaces should be wiped down before each use.
● Maintain consistency with crew positions (e.g. only camera operator will touch the camera).
● Minimize crew around the camera while the cast is on set.
● Avoid craft services, crew provides their own meals to ensure their own safety.
● Sets, props, wardrobe, workstations, and other commonly touched items should be disinfected frequently.
● Actors must always have a mask on when the camera is not rolling. If the camera does not see the actor's face then masks must be worn.
● No crew member should be near cast, unless they are part of the Hair, Make Up, Sound, or Wardrobe departments. Everyone should be masked and gloved when near talent.
● Prepping your set for covid:
○ Find a staging area.
○ Gear must be locked in a separate space (Max 2 occupancy).
○ Green room for actors only (can be outdoors).
○ Set up space outdoors for the crew to remain while not actively working.

Character 1
Must be able to play 16 to 18
Highschool student filed planning to shoot up a school. Hates their mother. Quick to anger, Arrogant. Slight drug Problem. A nerd who made a drastic change to be edgier as a way to cover up their soft side.
Character 2
Must be able to play 16 to 18
Chris' loyal best friend. Planning to help Chris with his plans. Isn't quite confident in the plan. Copies Chris in everything they do. Has a crush on Chris mother. Figment of Chris' imagination