Two Years

Production Company
Inkwell Entertainment (BCIT)
Ryan Newbury
Pardeep Singh Barn
Casting Director(s): 
Ryan Newbury, Pardeep Singh Barn, Debbie Wong
Union Status
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details

Honorarium after completion of shooting for each of 3 roles

Audition Date(s)
Sunday, April 7th 2019
Audition Location
BCIT, Burnaby, SE10, Control room 2
Shoot / Perf. Date(s)
Late may/Early june. TBD closer to shoot
Shoot / Perf. Location(s)
Lower-Mainland, B.C Canada
Submission Deadline
Monday, April 1, 2019
Submission Instructions

Please email headshot, resume and demo reel (if available) to receive additional information and confirmation of audition time and location. -

Project Synopsis
Lucas is a dejected and tired house painter. He lives with his girlfriend Marie, and his closest friend is Diego, whom he works with as a house painter. After Lucas’ father passes away, Lucas in the 2 years since has dropped out of school, started painting houses to make end meet, and has been in a destructive sad lifestyle. One outlet Lucas uses to escapes his reality, is playing back old voicemails of his father before his passing. After a certain “incident” happens, Lucas rethinks his life goals and has to make a decision on where to go forward.
Additional Comments: 

When we receive your reply, we will send you an audition time and the script.
We will ask you to read a few scenes at the Audition (we will tell you which scenes with our email reply)

Looking forward to seeing you!

Character 1
The most important man in Lucas’s life is his father. Lucas’s father was his rock that he leaned on. While Lucas has always been pessimistic, his father was always there to give him guidance and positive energy. For the past 2 years since Lucas’s father passing, he has been in a dismantled destructive lifestyle. Often heavily relying on his friend Diego and girlfriend Marie. While his father preached about enjoying what you do for a living, Lucas’ finds himself in the exact circumstance his father told him about 2 years ago.
Character 2
Marie is in nursing school and is finishing up her last year in college. She lives with Lucas in a basement Suite and is currently doing her practicum in the nursing program. She deals with Lucas’ unorganized and messy lifestyle. She has stopped cleaning up after him because he puts in no effort to clean around the house. Lucas in one of the most important people in her life, while she grows tired of his antics and habits, she hopes something will spark and inspire him soon.
Character 3
Diego is an upbeat hardworking man who is trying to look onto the bright side of things. While he may not be in the ideal job, he is looking at how he can invest into himself and a potential career path. His closest friend is his co-worker Lucas. While Diego is the happy-go-lucky man, Lucas balances him out with being on the more pessimistic way.