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Lawrelynd Bowin


If you’re a trained adult actor looking for principal representation, please visit our Top Talents website:

About the Agency: 

Top Talents - Tiny Talent Inc. & Universal Background Performers (UBP) is one stop top agency for your casting and production needs because we represents not only children, but we, also represent adults, as well as background performers through out North America.

Diversity is our philosophy. That’s reflected in our agency name, because we all have been children and love children, and so often we can’t wait to have our own! We welcome all candidates: babies from six weeks old, preteens and teens. Tiny Talent Agency does not charge upfront fees or administration fees to represent your child. You will, however, need to create and pay for their profile in order for us to find work for them in the industry and distribute/market their profile for jobs in theatre, film, television, modelling, commercials and print work.

Our talent agents have an ongoing relationship with and knowledge of each child and their individual personality. Each child represented by Tiny Talent has been individually interviewed, and we do our utmost to match them with the best-fitting jobs. Tiny Talent does not guarantee your child work, because the industry is dynamic; it is different across cities and productions and even seasons. Tiny Talent works with parents who strive to give the best options and opportunities to their gems. Tiny Talent represents not only children who look great and have fabulous personalities, but those who can act! When we meet your child, we will assess their suitability to obtain work in the entertainment industry. If they are over the age of 5 they may be asked to read a small script or to improvise something. This gives us a peek at how they might react in the auditioning room. There is absolutely no need to fret, ever – the interviews are relaxed and fun.