Current Auditions

We do our best to screen listings before being posted, however this list is provided as-is and it is up to each individual to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the posting. Please use your discretion when submitting or responding to any post. If you have any concerns with an individual or company related to any of the listings, please contact us.

Project Company Category Deadline
INDEPENDENT Independent Film Jul 1
The Hunger Games Sepia Films Student Jul 23
Music Video BMG Music Video Jul 1
Nightwing: The Darkest Knight Mattbox Film Jul 5
Circle Hybrid Entertainment Film Jul 3
DO NOT GO Do Not Go Productions Film Jul 3
Modern Romeo and Juliet Sparklight Productions (UBC) Student Jul 4
PIZZA WITH A SIDE OF BRAINS Third Beach Films Film Jul 9
Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller White Rock Players' Club Stage Jun 30
Several Futures Several Futures Productions Film Jul 6
Corporate Videos Sleek Media Co. Online Jul 8
The Surveyor Kristian Star Entertainment Inc. Film Jun 30
The Optimist EMFilms Productions Film Jul 2
DOWN THE ROAD VFS Films Student Jun 30
Ten Finger Langara Digital Film Production Student Jul 13
Kolakucoa Team Kolakucoa Online Jul 1
BERSERKER Black Joke, Inc. Online Jul 29
Project Fear Project Fear Productions Film Aug 1