Current Auditions

We do our best to screen listings before being posted, however this list is provided as-is and it is up to each individual to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the posting. Please use your discretion when submitting or responding to any post. If you have any concerns with an individual or company related to any of the listings, please contact us.

Project Company Category Deadline
Nephew University of British Columbia Student Oct 24
Children at Crossroads Simon Fraser University Student Oct 25
WILLIAM SFU Student Oct 24
In to High School SFU Production Student Oct 31
Smoke Simon Fraser University Student Oct 28
Bay of Pigs University of British Columbia Student Oct 27
The Music Box University of British Columbia Student Oct 29
TALK Simon Fraser University Student Oct 25
The Trapper's Cabin Ubiquity Film Nov 10
7 Demons I no.Films Online Oct 23
WELCOME TO THEBES United Players of Vancouver Stage Nov 8
I'll Take Care Of You Simon-Fraser University Student Oct 23
Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling Peninsula Productions Stage Nov 1
Aladdin Rainforest Theatre Stage Nov 2
Words Cannot Espresso/Awko Taco Capilano University Student Oct 25 12pm
Punished By Matilda Lord Byng Arts Mini School Student Nov 15
After Hours N/A Film Oct 27
Being Analytical Vancouver Film School Student Oct 24
Living Social Froese Productions Film Oct 31
Young & Reckless Pitch Video DSF Films TV Oct 24
Opus 35 Ian & Ian Productions Film Oct 24
Introverts Guide To High School Marakanda Entertainment Inc (in conjunction with UBC) Film Oct 31
Pride and Prejudice Metro Theatre Stage Nov 15
KISS MY ASHES! Hurrah Talent Film Oct 30
Company Web Ad Tealeaves Online Oct 25