Current Auditions

We do our best to screen listings before being posted, however this list is provided as-is and it is up to each individual to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the posting. Please use your discretion when submitting or responding to any post. If you have any concerns with an individual or company related to any of the listings, please contact us.

Project Company Category Deadline
CABBIE Stretch Media Film Sep 5
Untitled Dog Project KW Pictures Online Sep 26
Nephew UBC Student Sep 12 9pm
Last Night in Suburbia Suburban Pictures Film Sep 5
Playtime Simon Fraser University Student Sep 12
You Haven't Changed (YHC) Narrow Needle Film Sep 2 5pm
7 Stories by Morris Panych UBC Players Club Student Sep 17
Vancouver Spa Salon Commercial Powell Studio Online Sep 9
Doteasy Video Host Doteasy Technology Online Sep 5
Hamlet BlackSpear Productions (with Renegade Productions Inc.) Stage Sep 5
High fashion Bakertwins Productions Film Sep 7
Facts by Arthur Milner United Players of Vancouver Stage Sep 6
Blood Brothers UBC Student Sep 16