Current Auditions

We do our best to screen listings before being posted, however this list is provided as-is and it is up to each individual to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the posting. Please use your discretion when submitting or responding to any post. If you have any concerns with an individual or company related to any of the listings, please contact us.

Project Company Category Deadline
Family Dinner Vancouver Film School Student Dec 2
Bonnie and Clyde the Musical Play On Words Productions Stage Dec 28
Umbrageous Muskrat Pass Productions Film Dec 11
Drunk History Saturday Mornings Online Dec 2
Because You Are You Narrow Needle Films Film Dec 3 5pm
*&(@ING CRAIGSLIST Brownlock Pictures Film Dec 5
HIM Vancouver Film School Student Dec 2 12pm
Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow North Shore Light Opera Society Stage Jan 8
Pizza Guy Spitshine Flicks Film Dec 4
Energy Company Video Media Button Communications Film Dec 1
Shakespeare Canada Shakespeare Canada Stage Dec 31
Phone charger web commercial VideoCraftsman Online Dec 1
WiFi System Web Ad VideoCraftsman Online Dec 1
Roadside Deadguys UBC Student Dec 2
TLO - Shapeshifter Lawn Party Films Music Video Dec 10
Corruption Art institute of Vancouver Student Dec 1