Current Auditions

We do our best to screen listings before being posted, however this list is provided as-is and it is up to each individual to determine the accuracy and truthfulness of the posting. Please use your discretion when submitting or responding to any post. If you have any concerns with an individual or company related to any of the listings, please contact us.

Project Company Category Deadline
The Songwriter A Boyuan Film Film Sep 6
Two Ladies Lawn Party Films Music Video Sep 3
Vietnam Done This to Me BEAN BROTHER FILMS Film Sep 12
The Seven Sins Colour Noun - BCIT Student Sep 8
The Missing Plane: Alien Invasion Mars Rover Entertainment Online Sep 8
Murder Ballad Fighting Chance Productions Stage Sep 5
Poker Night Poker Night Productions Film Sep 2
SING! Beauty Shop Dolls Stage Aug 31
The Birth of Venus Vancouver Film School Student Sep 1
Trying Out Simon Fraser University Student Aug 30 3pm
“Horizons” by Mouth Full of Daisy Bar S Entertainment Music Video Aug 30
Marina Blemmy Productions Film Aug 30
Project Fear Project Fear Productions Film Sep 12
Heathers, the Musical Frolicking Divas and Gently with a Chainsaw Artist Collective Stage Sep 4
The Widow Vancouver Film School Student Aug 30
A Love Story Viewpoint Media Film Aug 29
KAUILA (Punalu'u) Winter Stage Sep 4
Little Miss Glitz Too Fly Productions Stage Sep 13
Sleeping beauty- a Musical/Panto Metro Theatre Stage Aug 30