Lupe Q and the Galactic Earworms

Production Company
Spacepunks Productions Inc.
Shan Tam, Michael Parker, Javier Badillo
Javier Badillo
Casting Director(s): 
Tina Marie McCulloch
Union Status
UBCP/ACTRA or Equivalent
Project Type
Student Production
Compensation Details


Audition Date(s)
April until June 1st
Audition Location
Self Tape
Shoot / Performance Date(s)
Late Summer / Fall TBD
Shoot / Performance Location(s)
Vancouver & surrounding areas, Kamloops
Submission Deadline
Saturday, June 1, 2024
Submission Instructions

Please send headshot and resume to

Project Synopsis
Lupe Q, a Latinx high school misfit, leads the worst punk rock band in the country, with her best friend Toro and not-so-best-friend Pachi. When their music suddenly causes someone to eject a strange worm from their ears during a concert, a mysterious secret agent whisks the band away to his secret laboratory, where they discover their noisy songs are the only thing that can reverse a space alien invasion already underway. But as they realize they are just pawns in a much bigger intergalactic war, they must work together to evade aliens and agents alike, infiltrate an orbiting alien spaceship, and learn to lean on their families and their punk rock to save humanity.
Character 1
OPEN ETHNICITY-PATRICIA FLUEBANK is a straight-A’s chemistry whiz and classical music nerd, a nice girl who plays a mean Mozart on her giant upright bass. Tired of living under the micro-managing thumb of her high-powered mom, she leaps at the chance to piss her off by joining a punk band with the intimidating school badass Lupe,who’s actually kinda cute, really… when she’s not being an asshole. Pachi’s small act of musical rebellion quickly escalates into a world-saving, alien-fighting adventure, where she learns that sometimes to be nice, you’ve got to fight dirty. *Actors of all experience levels encouraged to apply ** Musical Experience a plus
Character 2
PRIORITIZING INDIGENOUS ACTORS, OPEN TO ANY ETHNICITY-TORO is Lupe’s best friend since childhood and co-founder of the much-maligned punk rock band, La Mala Teta. A jovial, good-natured kid, raised by a serious but loving single dad, he’s not too fussed about the “signature sound” Lupe has developed. As long as he can bang on drums, he’s happy. Sure, Lupe can be kinda intense sometimes, but he knows she’s good people. Toro avoids conflict, such as confessing crushes to girls, like, say, Pachi. He’s scared of kidnappers and creepy crawlers, and he definitely does not want to fly a spaceship. But he just might surprise himself… *Actors of all experience levels encouraged to apply ** Musical Experience a plus