In The Know

Getting Started - Introduction

So you want to be an actor. Great! Now what?

From parents who want to get their children into the biz, teenagers, adults to seniors, there’s a lot to know, and a lot to watch out for. Here’s one question you may want to ask yourself: “Why do I want to be an actor?” If your answer lies somewhere within the genre of Money and Stardom, you may soon find yourself gravely disappointed. Both aspiring and established actors know from experience, it’s a tough industry to get into. Out of the thousands and thousands of actors out there, you will find that most are not famous, nor are they rich; that’s why the term “starving actor” is widely used. In pursuing your career, you should know how to proceed safely into the field. “Safely” meaning, physically, psychologically and financially.

The pages within the Getting Started section is meant as a guide - not as the answer to all your questions. The more research you do with multiple sources, hopefully you'll find a common thread among them all, and then you can direct yourself through the many parts of this industry.