Casting Directors

Who are Casting Directors?

In the Film and TV world, Casting Directors are those who are hired to find a handful of talent for a given part for a production.

In the theatre world, the Artistic Director of the production company generally holds their own auditions, thus there is no need for a middleperson.

What do they do?

Casting Directors have one goal - to make their client happy. They do this by auditioning the right talent for the part. So whenever you’re brought in to audition, remember, you’re there because that Casting Director wants you to get the part.

As we’re all different in our unique & interesting ways, the same can be said for Casting Directors. Some will make you feel incredibly comfortable while others make you feel the opposite. Just remember this has nothing to do with you or your performance. Acting is the art. Auditioning is the business.

Like most jobs, casting is a fairly thankless one. Show some appreciation when you’re booked. A simple thank you card can go a long way.