Much like the resume you would make for any other job, your acting resume is filled with your experience, training and skills. However, don’t assume you can use the same format or template for both resumes. How you present yourself is very important. That includes having a resume that is professional with information relevant to acting. Things you should include are...

Contact Info

You need to include at least your phone number. That could be your cell phone or pager. You never know who may get a hold of your resume, so it's up to your own discretion if you want to include your home phone or address. If you were to include an email address, make sure it’s clean and appropriate.


Your height, weight, hair and eye colour.

Credits / Experience

This can include any performing experience on film, television or theatre. Student films, short films, music videos, school plays, community theatre, etc...


Any performing related training. Acting, Singing, Dancing, etc… Also include the specifics of those areas. For example, if you said dancing, be specific as to the style of dancing (ballet, tap, jazz, etc). For acting, specify the type of training if there was one (ie scene study, audition technique, etc).

Special Skills

These skills should be things you can do well, and right away if asked. If you say you are a boxer, you should know how to box. You could also include beside the skill, the level you are at, for example "Piano (Intermediate)". These can also include dialects and languages you speak.


  • Do not lie on any part of your resume.
  • Extra Work is something you generally don't put onto a resume.

Do a search on the web for "actor resumes" and you'll find a lot of examples that have a similar layout.