There are a lot of places within the lower mainland to start or update your acting skills. So many in fact, we simply cannot recommend one over another. What we can do, is suggest you check out our Training Listings on our Resources page where you'll find a list of a number of institutions and private coaches the Vancouver and surrounding area has to offer.

How to choose the right class?

You audit. ("Audit" means you sit in and watch the class)

Once you've picked your top 3 or 4 or 5. Ask others for feedback and audit them. Just give them a shout and let them know you're interested in taking classes with them but you'd like to audit a class first. Most places will give you a time & date and you can see first hand what the classes are like and if they're right for you. One class that's right for other actors may not be the right fit for you. In fact, we highly suggest that you audit a class before registering for one.