BookIT Talent Agency

Vancouver and Kelowna, BC
Background, Infants, Kids, Principal, Voice-Over

Brenda Connell (Owner and Lead Agent)
Melissa Schreder (Principal Talent)
Kathleen McElwain (Background Talent)


We welcome all individuals of various ages, ethnicities, abilities & backgrounds.

Application guidelines can be found on or All mandatory submission requirements must be followed.

About the Agency: 

Kelowna Address: #210-347 Leon Avenue, Kelowna BC, V1Y 8C7

Vancouver Address: #400–601 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4C2

BookIT Talent Agency is a national talent agency, representing Canada-wide, proudly established within the heart of the Okanagan Valley – Kelowna, British Columbia. Recently, after expanding our locations into Vancouver, BC, our agency’s focus is to bring our talent to new levels of success within their Film & Television careers by providing them expert support & vetted guidance via several years of professional experience.

BookIT is owned and operated by industry veteran, Brenda Connell. BookIT hopes to bring dependable knowledge & credible connections to British Columbia’s beloved interior and exterior regions. This agency is quickly becoming one of Kelowna’s most sought-after agencies for representation due to their professionalism and reputable credentials.

We scout, groom & equip our talent with the necessary skills to succeed both on and offset. The BookIT family is expected to abide by our standards of professionalism, trustworthiness & innovative thinking as they build up their entertainment careers.

Our number one priority is ensuring our talent feels that they have a knowledgeable support system in place as they build their acting careers so that actors can focus on what they do best – book jobs! We are confident that you’ll be able to trust in BookIT’s management & leadership, as we help you work toward your desired Film & Television achievements.