HectiQ Artists Talent Management

North Vancouver, BC
Principal, Kids

Christopher Ian Bennett
Kate Bennett
Denisa Annusova


If you wish to be considered for representation by HectiQ Artists Talent Management, please email us at info@hectiQartists.com with “Talent for Consideration” in the subject line.

About the Agency: 

Acting is an art form. It’s a science and a business, too. It’s about the chemistry between actors, Casting Directors and the audiences they entertain.

HectiQ Artists is the fastest growing actor-centric talent agency in the country, seeking to work with and support the most talented artists across Canada. Whether through Film, Television, Commercials or Performance-Capture, we are committed to offering our talent the highest level of industry career management and representation.

We aspire to become the most remarkable talent management agency in North America by 2026.