MVM Agency

#203 - 2080 East Kent Avenue South
Vancouver, BC
V5P 4X2
Kids, Principal, Voice-Over

Brenda Wong
Melanie Eng


Please email headshot, resume and demo reel (or video clip to show performing ability) to

About the Agency: 

MVM Agency partners with dedicated, creative actors from all cultural backgrounds. We are focused on personalizing career management for the individual performer and amplifying the under-represented, empowering them to be authentically cast: 

  • creating a rich fabric of representation in storytelling across all media as it reflects the world in which we live in
  • develop strategies and best practices to support and respect the differences of artists
  • to be open minded and further the conversation to make lasting change
  • we support green initiatives for our environment and are committed to making our community a better place

We are proud to represent people living with a disability, Trans and Non-Binary, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian and Senior actors.