Picobello Talent

2025 Willingdon Ave, Unit 900
Burnaby, BC
V5C 0J3
Background, Kids

Cedric Breuel
Tim MacArthur
Caitlin Duffy


Please email talent@picobello.ca with a brief introduction as well as a clear, well-lit photo of yourself.

About the Agency: 

Picobello Talent Inc. is a background performer agency for the Film and TV industry in Vancouver and surrounding area.

Picobello Talent Inc. equips our clients to be exceptionally professional and prepared for their on-set experience.

We book background, photo-doubles, models, and stand-ins for ALL the productions shooting in Vancouver.

Our agents: Tim MacArthur and Cedric Breuel, have over 30 years combined film and casting experience. Their past work on set is a great tool to make sure you are properly educated, connected and BOOKED.