Shimon Photo

103- 1701 Powell St
Vancouver, BC
V5L 5C9

Shimon stands as one of Vancouver's foremost actor headshot photographers, boasting an impressive 18 years of experience in the industry. Renowned for his distinctive approach that places quality above quantity, Shimon has carved a niche in the competitive world of headshots.

Shimon's shooting style is a testament to his commitment to capturing the essence of each individual. Focused on cultivating strong character portrayal, vibrant color palettes, and impeccable lighting, his artistry goes beyond the ordinary, resulting in headshots that resonate with depth and authenticity.

Outside of headshots, Shimon is an internationally published editorial photographer and has shot over 50 magazine covers and multiple advertising campaigns for companies such as Converse Shoes and Rogers Media. He’s also won multiple awards including 3 Applied Arts Awards.

Located in the heart of East Vancouver on Commercial Dr, Shimon's 1300 square foot studio serves as a haven for creativity. Located a mere 10 minutes from Downtown, the studio provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, fostering an atmosphere where clients can truly express themselves.

Beyond the lens, Shimon's dedication to his craft extends to a personalized experience for every client. Whether you're a seasoned actor or embarking on your acting journey, Shimon's expertise ensures that your headshots not only showcase your unique personality but also open doors to new opportunities.

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