Bryant Centre for Film & Television Acting

1425 Charles Street
Vancouver, BC

Bryant Centre for Film & Television Acting offers some of the country’s top acting instruction.

Founded by internationally renowned theatre director and acting coach, MEL TUCK and actor/teacher PETER BRYANT, the studio gives students a forum to prepare and gain the needed tools to go out and be a working actor if a beginner, grow and be at your best if you’re an intermediate, and sharpen your skills and explore if you are an advanced veteran. There’s something for all levels!

Preparation is the actor’s tool box, his/her “safety net,” armour, and power. It is the well from which the actor drinks the character’s behavior, truth, and life – in order to be, as they say, “in the moment.” Our coaches are dedicated to getting each and every one of their students to the truth in every….single….. moment.

Classes are small to facilitate the individual needs of each student. And our prices are extremely reasonable. They are comparatively more affordable than most other schools in town.

Bryant Centre for Film & Television Acting also offer some of the best, and most affordable, private coaching in the country. Suited for the intermediate or advanced actor who is prepping for an audition, or putting something on tape for an agent or casting director. More info can be found in our CLASSES department.

If you want to be able to walk into an audition room or onto a set with confidence, if you want casting directors to keep calling you in, if you want directors and producers to eventually hire you…and keep hiring you, if you want to be able to leave an impression on the audience that forces them to look at their own humanity….then Bryant Centre for Film & Television Acting is the answer.