Haven Acting Studio

1585 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1L6

"I wish I had known Ben Immanuel when I first decided to become a professional actor. Such a relationship then would have spared me a lot of heartbreak and a lot of money…Ben is a treasure - a rare combination of instinct, intelligence and compassion…”
Brian J. Smith (Tony Award nominated actor fo r The Glass Menagerie on Broadway, lead in Sense8, Treadstone, Class of ’09 and The Matrix Resurrections)

"I can not say enough about how much I have benefitted from working with Ben Immanuel. He patiently meets every student where they're at, and with honest feedback, practical mentorship and an amazing eye for honing in on someone's strengths, helps you figure out how to bring the authentic YOU to the table.  Any blocks you have, he'll gently laser in on to help you chip away at the resistance that holds you back from fulfilling your potential. He's invested in your success and I've learned how to work smarter and harder to reach my goals.  I feel completely safe and respected in Ben's class. The only drama I've experienced happens on stage when you get up to work your scene, and I feel my confidence as a professional actor growing as the mystery of my own process lessens from working my butt off in Ben's Raise the Bar master class.  I feel so fortunate to have Ben on my team, and I feel so fortunate to have found a class that works for me.”
Olivia Cheng (Series Regular on Apple TV’s See, HBO’s Warrior, Netflix Marco Polo, and many more.)

"I can proudly say if it wasn't for Ben's class, and the type of human being he is, I would not be working in the profession that I am so in love with right now. Ben helped me understand my craft through my vessel, bringing out truth and commitment to a character that I only know how to play. He gave me confidence by pushing me to levels as an actor that he knew I could get to. Attending Ben’s class is hard work, commitment, joy, and laughter all in an environment that Ben makes sure is as safe as can be."
Aleks Paunovic (Series Regular on Marvel Studios Hawkeye, TNTs Snowpiercer,  SyFys Van Helsing,  and his own ground-breaking new series, GenZeros) 

Top working actors from Canada, the United States and abroad train with Ben Immanuel at Haven Acting Studio. On-camera and scene study classes for beginners, intermediate and experienced professional actors are also available with Nelson Wong and Jill Morrison. The standards at Haven Acting Studio are set high, but we keep our class sizes small (maximum 6 scenes in a 5hour class) and our prices very reasonable.

If you’re ready to do the work and want to find out more about joining Haven Acting Studio, contact us at: info@havenacting.com, and visit: www.havenactingstudio.com/ and @havenactingstudio on Instagram for the latest class schedule.