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Mindful Actor Workshops

“The Mindful Actor was a turning point for me. It made a huge difference in my confidence and skill. Missy has developed a powerful, beautiful and playful workshop. It is a great place to grow as both an actor and a person. As a professional actor, the 4 week workshop offered me a way to understand my body and how I could channel different characters. I now have a clear, fun and delicious process with which to expand my range. As a person, I have tools to ground myself, harness my energy and heal when needed. I am definitely taking this course again! (and again)” — Alexander Soto (Riverdale, The Man in the High Castle)

Mindful Actor Workshops explore the actor’s best kept secret - the Chakra System  - as a guide + a tool. This powerful technique uses the Subtle Body Energy to unlock character and bring awareness + healing into your life. 

\\ How is the way you hold your Energy unconsciously affecting your life? How does your character hold their Energy?

→ Discover how to simply identify the two through an intuitive + transformative method.

No acting experience needed, but an open mind + willingness to play is key. If you do act professionally, it will give you a new system to create dynamic character, and will provide grounding + meditation tools to support you in your work + auditions.

Live class size is kept to 3-6 students, so it is more tailored to you. All classes are Online. 

Live Classes:

  • Level 1 Acting with the Chakras – 4 Week Intensive
  • Level 2 Monologues – 4 Week Intensive
  • Chakra Warm Ups - Drop In

Online Courses:

  • Acting with the Chakras – 8 Week Self-Guided Course
  • Chakra Warm Up – Membership Library
  • Meditation Library

For a Free 7 Day Chakra Warm Up Challengehead here.

“I experienced a melding of my voice, my body and the text in a way I never knew was possible. Following Missy's instructions and steps, I learned how experience shapes a character's physicality and perspective. By using these tools, defining a character and tapping into the universality of the story became easy for me. It allowed me to get out of my head and into the being of the character. " — Veenu Sandhu (Lost In Space, Helstrom, Supernatural)”

About Missy:
Missy has been teaching acting + singing since 2012. She is an actor, director, theatre producer + sings in the blues/rock band, Wooden Horsemen. Adding to her own research + practice of this work, Missy has studied Chakra based acting in New York City, as well as is an ongoing student of mediation, yoga, voice + Qigong. She also teaches acting, audition, embodied voice + breath work at VFS. She has been nominated for a Leo award for acting.