The Working Actors Gym with Aaron Craven

“I love Aaron’s honest, straightforward approach. His passion and knowledge for the craft are contagious and his coaching skills are so beneficial in the auditioning process. I was truly impressed with the level of talent. I would highly recommend his training to any actor .” (Jackie Lind – Casting Director)

The Working Actors Gym is a professional acting class based in Vancouver, lead by coach Aaron Craven. Once weekly classes run on Saturdays at 12pm and Mondays at 6:30pm and always feature a host of working actors as well as new talent honing their craft. This class offers an inspiring and nurturing environment where actors can feel safe to take creative risks and develop their unique voices, while being rigorously challenged at every step. It’s called an actors gym, as we work on scene study, on-camera auditioning, voice, improvisation — all the tools required of a professional actor. Class materials range from practical Film/TV scripts to modern plays, with an emphasis on delivering camera-ready performances.

Known as a busy working actor and generous coach, Aaron’s classes are always run with the highest level of integrity. Cell phones are silent, actors are off book and the work is fun and intense. Previous acting training and an audit of class are prerequisites to joining. Contact the office for details.