All the Rave

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Helene Taylor
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This posting is for a script reading of a television pilot.

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Orange Knapsack Productions Ltd.
Helene Taylor
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Helene Taylor, Ashley Alexander
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no audition; reading to be held North Vancouver
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North Vancouver
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ALL THE RAVE, EP. 1 “BACK TO THE BEATS” A foursome of unstoppable best friends struggle with the trials of adulthood during the birth of the underground rave scene in the early nineties. The story of a young group of friends navigating adulthood during the intoxicating start of the Electronic Dance Music underground scene in the suburbs of Beauport. Set in the early 90’s this pilot dramatizes the youth counterculture rave movement through the eyes of four young visionaries who charted its start: Em, a female DJ prodigy navigating the male-dominated music scene despite her Pakistani Muslim parent’s daunting disapproval and her two neighbors, polar opposite fraternal twin brothers, the sagacious Eddie and roguish Dennis who have no hopes for the future until they become promoters and the driving force of the underground scene and the younger Mickie aka “Baby Boy”, a certifiable genius, future Music Producer (despite his abusive father) and drug dealer (despite his RCMP mother). We watch four friends grow and learn how to make their way in life via adolescent-focused narratives -- All the Rave documents the history of Canada’s rave scene through these narratives; the light and dark of the movement from the simpatico of music and dance to the drugs, organized crime and law enforcement looking to shut it down. All the Rave is Halt & Catch Fire meets Freaks & Geeks in tone and story formula with attention to the power of music in its storytelling.
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Please submit headshots, resume and link to reel copied to both Helene Taylor, and Ashley Alexander,

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This is a script reading. Union/non-union. TV Pilot. Experience with cold readings. *we are open to all ethnicities. Lead character and family is of Pakistani descent, however, for the purpose of this reading, this is not integral to casting. Nor is age. Most important is the ability to capture these characters and tone.

Audition Date(s): 
July 4, 2019
Character 1 Name: 
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Pakistani descent, self-assured, bright, impertinent.
Character 2 Age: 
Character 2 Name: 
Character 2 Description: 
Thinks he’s 18, aka BABY BOY, adept, sinewy, baby faced, Good Will Hunting smart.
Character 3 Name: 
Character 3 Age: 
Character 3 Description: 
Short, a little pudge, prudent, fraternal twin of Dennis.
Character 4 Name: 
Character 4 Age: 
Character 4 Description: 
Charismatic, street smart, alarming good looks, fraternal twin of Eddie.
Character 5 Name: 
Character 5 Age: 
Character 5 Description: 
Wild grey hair, plump cheeks, gentle and foreboding.
Additional Characters: 

Reader 6: MIDGE (15) Em’s brother, Pakistani descent hint of arrogance, golden-boy, too tall and gangly to act so audacious
Reader 7: BABBA (late 40’s), Em’s Pakistani father, unassuming, endearing

Reader 8: AMMI (early 40’s), Em’s Pakistani mother, head scarf, small but imperious

Reader 9 (Female): SUKI (22) spunky, sharp, dead ringer for an edgy Bettie Page
KATRINA (Kat)(20) assertive, disarming, frenetic

Reader 10 (Male):
OFFICER TODD (late 20’s) baby face, witty
DJ PRIME (20’s) shaved head, tatted, aggressive
JIMMY (40’s) plump, balding and not too keen on Em
SOL (40) Assistant Manager, weasel of a man

Reader 11 (Female): OFFICER MARY DANIELS (30’s) altruistic, stoic, mother of Mickie
PATTI (30’s) grey highlights, all rock n’roll and soul with a dash of Patti Smith and Pat Benatar
JOY (40’s) chip on her shoulder, narcissistic, mother of Eddie and Dennis.

Reader 12 (Male): CURTIS (40’s) father to Mickie, gruff, bitter
DEREK PRIMM (40’s) short, combover, Napoleon complex
VICTOR (40’s) biker, big as a Sasquatch
GOLF KIDS (18) in golf shirts
HEWLETT PACKARD RECRUITER (30) eager, geeked-up yuppy in an expensive suit
MR. NAHAN (70’s) stop and purview the items on the grass

Reader 13 (Female): OMA (80) Baker at Melvin’s Bakery, fifties hairstyle, pink lips, resilient
A WOMAN (20’s) Marianna, love interest to Dennis
JACKIE (27) gaunt, acerbic opens the door to see Em and the twins
RECRUITER TWO (50’s) female, determined

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July 4, 2019 (5pm-7pm)
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Friday, June 28, 2019
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