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Vivek Lal
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Promethean Theatre
Vivek Lal
Seamus Fera
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Vivek Lal & Seamus Fera
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Online Only
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Firehall Arts Centre
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$100 Honorarium

King Herod is throwing a banquet. His step daughter/niece, Salome, steps outside for some air and is haunted by the prophetic voice of Jokanaan, who is being kept as a prisoner. When he is brought up, Salome is immediately drawn to him, who quickly spurns her as base and vile. Driven by her desire, Salome will stop at nothing to get the one thing she wants- a kiss from Jokanaan.
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Please prepare a 1-2 minute classical monologue as well as a "movement" piece. Here we want to see your creativity and personality.

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Please note that this production includes simulated scenes of self harm and suicide as well as themes of incest, sexuality and violence. The role of Salome will include a choreographed dance which culminates in the removal of a shirt/bra. We will be supported by an intimacy director throughout the process who will help navigate scenes of intimacy.

Promethean Theatre is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. We strongly encourage submissions from all qualified performers, without regard to age, disability, ethnicity, race, or gender identity. Promethean Theatre has a COVID-19 safety plan to comply with provincial and regional protocols.

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February 27th to March 13th 2021
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Herodias is the wife of Herod and mother of Salome. She is a power behind the throne and uses her daughter to achieve what she wants. Was formerly married to Herod's brother.
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August 15th-September 4th
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Friday, March 12, 2021
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