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The Sojourn - Yesterday's War

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Daniel Orrett
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Daniel Orrett, Larissa Thompson, Gabriel Fonseca
Daniel Orrett
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Daniel Orrett
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online only
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Payment made via PayPal upon completion of work; varies by role: Captain Tomiko Jinn, USD$190. Revion Carradin, Unioner, Union Technician and Michael Favara, USD$60 each.

The Sojourn is an original Science Fiction Audio Drama, produced by Spacedock. The series follows a bold expedition into extragalactic space. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spacedock/the-sojourn-season-one
Submission Instructions: 

Please send a character voice over demo, resume and a cover letter to thesojournofficial@gmail.com with the subject line S01E03 - CHARACTER NAME SUBMISSION (eg. S01E03 - CAPTAIN TOMIKO JINN SUBMISSION). Submission deadline is October 23rd at 8pm PST. Recording session to be scheduled for sometime in Oct/Nov.

Audition Date(s): 
October 23rd, 2019
Character 1 Name: 
Captain Tomiko Jinn
Character 1 Age: 
Character 1 Description: 
ANY ETHNICITY - The dedicated, driven, practical, and patriotic captain of the Union warship Abigail. Her presence commands respect. Only tells you what you need to know. Career military woman. “Professional for a Unioner”
Character 2 Age: 
Character 2 Name: 
Revion Carradin
Character 2 Description: 
ANY ETHNICITY - A loyal, pious officer in a religious military organization. Dedicated and capable of critical thinking, but ultimately subservient to authority.
Character 3 Name: 
Michael Favara
Character 3 Age: 
Character 3 Description: 
ANY ETHNICITY - Angry, nationalistic, xenophobic, and unstable. Is willing to commit violent crimes because of past trauma and resentment. He’s past his breaking point and desperate to make people understand why he’s right.
Character 4 Name: 
Character 4 Age: 
Character 4 Description: 
ANY ETHNICITY & GENDER - Desperate, bitter, disenfranchised blue collar worker. Harbors a lot of resentment to those they consider their oppressors.
Character 5 Name: 
Union Technician
Character 5 Age: 
Character 5 Description: 
ANY ETHNICITY & GENDER - Meek, uncertain, frightened. A victim of injustice who’s found themselves far from home and alone. Seeks help and support from authority.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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