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The Magpie

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Cameron Hicks
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Berry Farm Animation
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Cameron Hicks
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Self tape and submit via email
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$180 for a 2 hour recording session (via phone, pending social-distancing restrictions)

When Dennis crashes his car during a blizzard he finds himself in desperate need of rescue, but the one glimmer of hope in the distance turns out not to be the saviour he needs. This is a short animated film (3 minutes).
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Submit demo reels and other sample work via email. Given the social distancing restrictions, please specify whether or not you are able to record at home. berryfarmanimation@gmail.com

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Given the social distancing guidelines, applicants who are equipped to self record and receive direction via phone will be given priority.

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Dennis is a middle aged man who finds himself in a life or death situation after losing control of his car and hitting the ditch on an isolated stretch of highway during a blizzard. He is not in peak physical fitness and is ill prepared for such dire circumstances. He is not a risk taker, and has managed to keep out of harms way for his entire life. As a result, his immediate impulse is to panic which leads him to make an absolutely foolish decision. This role is not dialogue heavy. The recording session will consist mostly of exertion sounds, panting, calling out for help, etc.
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Friday, April 17, 2020
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