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Lauren Donnelly
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Good Neighbour Films
Rehmat Babbar
Sebastian Hill-Esbrand & Christian lavery
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Lauren Donnelly
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Day rate of $100 for hero roles. Featured background roles will be unpaid.

‘Reason’ is a rebel call for climate action. Structured through character driven vignettes, this story will unfold as we peel back the layers and complexities of global citizens, environmental ferocity and the politics of justice. ‘Reason’ is a visual representation of the current global awakening. Using a photographic lens to capture moments, this music video aims to emulate photojournalism in the essence of creating snapshots of emotional depth; an unborn child, a lightning strike, a riot zone. A picture can say a thousand words.
Submission Instructions: 

Please submit a headshot and resume with demo reel or video example of your work to the email We will contact the chosen applicants only via email or phone. Non-union and Union performers welcome. We will also be casting featured background after principal casting is complete. Please indicate in your submission if you're interested in performing as background, otherwise we'll just consider you for the hero role you submit for.

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Character 1 Name: 
Young Lover, man
Character 1 Age: 
Character 1 Description: 
These teenage lovers share an intimate, playful moment together. Seeking refuge from the dismal state of the world, he cuddles and is playfully affectionate with his girlfriend in her bedroom. *Must be comfortable being shirtless, in underwear*
Character 2 Age: 
Character 2 Name: 
Young lover, woman
Character 2 Description: 
These teenage lovers share an intimate, playful moment together. Seeking refuge from the dismal state of the world, they cuddle and are playfully affectionate together in her bedroom. *Must be comfortable being in bra and underwear*
Character 3 Name: 
Angry, smoking man
Character 3 Age: 
Character 3 Description: 
It’s been another long day of capitalism. He’s on the phone with his stock broker and the news isn’t good. Yells into the phone as he smokes another cigarette. *Must be comfortable smoking herbal cigarettes / simulating smoking*
Character 4 Name: 
Asian child
Character 4 Age: 
Character 4 Description: 
She’s watching the news on TV and is frightened by what she sees. She runs to her mother for comfort. *Ideally with fringe / bangs*
Character 5 Name: 
Pregnant young Asian mother
Character 5 Age: 
Character 5 Description: 
She’s cooking something on the stove when her young daughter runs to her for comfort. She cuddles her daughter as they stare into camera.
Additional Characters: 

Latino and Asian rioters (x3)

Male and female

Three rioters plan for the revolution. This group of Asian and Latino rioters huddle around a blueprint. In slo-mo we see them wrap masks around their faces and bandage their hands. They embrace, and chant in solidarity before heading out for the night.

*Tattoos welcome for these roles*

White collar brawlers (x2)


These white men in suits wrestle and fight each other like apes before devolving into a full on brawl.

*Stage / Film combat / stunt experience required, there will be a rehearsal to choreograph the fight and there will be a stunt coordinator on set*

Shoot / Perf. Date(s): 
February 28 and 29
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Monday, January 27, 2020
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