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I don't want a relationship

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Artemis Walden
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Artemis Walden
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Artemis Walden
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7th and Oak
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57 heather, Vancouver BC
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Footage for your reel, not paid. will provide food on set

"I Don't Want A Relationship" Is a short sketch between a "couple" who have been seeing each other for some time casually but now the boy wants to stop sleeping together but remain good friends. It shows moving through fluid relationships and is meant to be funny yet poignant.
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Please email your headshot and resume to, I will get back to you as soon as possible. For the audition you will be doing a reading with the woman who is playing the girl in this short.

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All ethnicities welcome. It is a funny yet poignant piece on modern relationships. 

Audition Date(s): 
June 20th and June 26th
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Character 1 Description: 
He is confused about what he wants from his good friend and lover. He has a good heart and is trying to move himself forward in life but isn't sure how. He is funny and a little goofy.
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Character 2 Description: 
She knows what she wants from her partner and is irritated that he keeps flip flopping about their relationship. She is understanding and bold and opinionated. She is not afraid to express how she feels but also sees the humor in it. (already have the actor for this role)
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29/30th June
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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