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Jordan Barnes-Crouse
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Bad Cookie Pictures
Ariel Hansen, Jordan Barnes-Crouse
Ariel Hansen
Casting Director(s): 
Ariel Hansen
Audition Location: 
Go Studios
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Volunteer project (food, credit, reel footage provided).

Lyra is living a Pinterest-perfect life as a social media influencer until her following starts to rapidly disappear. Is her online demise just the work of a new algorithm, or something more out of this world?
Submission Instructions: 

Please submit headshot, resume and reel (if available) to badcookiepictures@gmail.com.

Additional Comments: 

Open to Trans, Non-Binary and Genderfluid actors.

Role of Lyra already cast.

Audition Date(s): 
July 5th, 2019
Character 1 Name: 
Character 1 Age: 
Character 1 Description: 
A fellow influencer, Tom is the kind of guy to “do it for the gram”. He has been dating Lyra for a few months and while he likes her, he loves her follower count. Tom may act like an easygoing instaboyfriend, but is far more ambitious than he lets on and is not one to shy away from throwing up a thirst trap. *Must be comfortable without a shirt on.*
Character 2 Age: 
Character 2 Name: 
Character 2 Description: 
Despite her small stature Instagram model Mara is all about high fashion and higher attitude. Frenemy to Lyra, she has had to work twice as hard to get half as far and relishes watching the loss of her following.
Character 3 Name: 
Character 3 Age: 
Character 3 Description: 
Best friend to Mara, Destiny is the most traditionally “modelesque” of the ladies. While also a frenemy to Lyra, she is more calm headed and will back away from a fight.
Character 4 Name: 
Character 4 Age: 
Character 4 Description: 
She is a professional who has worked hard to get to the point she’s at and will not suffer fools who try to waste her time. *Looking for actual photographers who also act to fill this role.*
Shoot / Perf. Date(s): 
Mid-Late August
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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